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Food Service Helper
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School Related Personnel
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The work involves responsibility for assisting in the large scale preparation and service of food and in the cleaning of kitchen equipment.  The work is carried out in accordance with standard, well-established and accepted, clean, safe, and sanitary techniques and procedures.  Work involves assisting with meal preparation, delivery, and/or service and cleaning and sanitizing of the kitchen and dining areas, equipment, dishes, and utensils.  Work is performed under the direct supervision of a higher ranking food service/kitchen employee or supervisor, with some leeway allowed the incumbent for the exercise of independent judgment in the carrying out of routine tasks.  Closer supervision is exercised over the performance of tasks that are new, unusual, or more difficult than usual.  On occasion, employees in this class may perform cooking duties involving lesser degrees of skill than regularly required of employees in the classification of Cook.  Does related work as required.



1) Assists in the set up and delivery of prepared bulk foods and/or individual meals following established serving procedures;

2) Serves food items, replenishing stocks as necessary;

3) Cleans, washes, and otherwise prepares fruit and vegetables for cooking and/or serving;

4) Assists in the preparation of salads and desserts;

5) Assists Cooks in any phase of their duties as directed;

6) May prepare and deliver individual nourishments according to request or dietary restriction as determined by supervisors;

7) May perform routine tasks such as dishing up desserts, buttering bread, and making toast;

8) Sets and clears tables, fills sugar bowls and salt and pepper shakers, and polishes silverware;

9) Washes dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and silverware by hand and/or by dishwashing machine;

10) Sweeps, mops, cleans, and sanitizes food storage, preparation, cooking, serving, and dining areas, furniture, and equipment;

11) May reorder non-food supplies;

12) Assists in restocking items needed for dining, preparation, and cooking areas;

13) Assists in rotating and dating items;

14) May take counts to help determine amounts of food needed;

15) May perform duties as a Cashier on a part time basis;

16) May be required to attend in-service education sessions; and

17) Other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.

Civil Service Title
Food Service Helper
Job Qualifications


  1. Working knowledge of the proper methods of serving food on a large scale;
  2. Working knowledge of the proper methods of handling and caring for dishes, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils, and kitchen appliances;
  3. Working knowledge of kitchen and dining area cleaning and sanitizing procedures;
  4. Ability to acquire basic skill in the routine operation of kitchen appliances, dishwashing equipment, and cash registers;
  5. Ability to follow oral and written directions;
  6. Ability to get along well with others including the age group being served;
  7. Dependability,
  8. Neatness,
  9. Cleanliness,
  10. Initiative; and
  11. Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


None are required, but some experience as a helper involved in the preparation and serving of food on a large scale is desirable.


Depending upon the assignment, “ServSafe” certification may be required at time of appointment or required to be obtained within one year from appointment.

**All positions require fingerprint clearance through New York State Education Department**

Application Procedure
Application Procedure

Interested candidates should apply through the link found at the Addison RecruitFront page, register account, and apply for "Food Service Helper."

Interested candidates should also complete a Civil Service application; use this link- . An original copy of this Civil Service application must be delivered to the School District Office and signed in blue ink, at 7 Cleveland Drive, Suite 101, Addison, NY 14801.

Rich Everly, School Business Administrator

Addison Central School District

  7 Cleveland Drive, Suite 101

All information is subject to verification and administrative approval.



Job Category
Food Service
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Tuscarora Elementary School

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